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Will bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?
Can I use bankruptcy to catch up on my house or car payments?
We have our house paid for but our other debts are out of control. We are being sued and my wages are being garnished. Can I take bankruptcy and still keep my house?
I was uninsured and in an automobile accident. Now the Secretary of State has taken my license. Can I get it back through bankruptcy?
I own a car worth $3,000 but I owe over $10,000 on the car. Can I use bankruptcy to keep the car and pay only what it is worth?
I gave a finance company a list of my personal property and pledged it to get a loan. If I take bankruptcy can I keep my furniture, television, etc.?
Can bankruptcy stop wage garnishments or wage assignments?
Can bankruptcy stop the I.R.S. or the Illinois Department of Revenue from collecting?
I did a Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year. Now I have a major medical problem with huge bills. How long do I have to wait to file another bankruptcy?
I make over $150,000 per year but because of bad investments, back taxes, and a divorce, I am in real financial trouble. Can I take bankruptcy even though I make a lot of money?