Required documents to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

"Repayment plan" bankruptcy

  • Credit Counseling
    • Must be completed prior to bankruptcy filing
  • Tax Return
  •       Copy of Federal and State tax returns for the last four (4) years including W-2's and all schedules.
  • Pay Stubs
    • Copies of paystubs for the entire six (6) month period prior to bankruptcy filing.
  • Other Sources of Income
    • Proof of income needed for the entire six (6) months prior to the month of filing, including monthly profit/loss statements from your business, social security or pension statements, worker's compensation or unemployment stubs, ect.
  • Bank Statements
    • Needed for the 90 days prior to filing for all open accounts.
  • Trustee Support Questionnaire
    • Will be provided by our office.
  • Orders
    • Child Support Order, Divorce Decree, Marital Property Settlement Agreement.
  • Loan Documents
    • Need loan documentation for all home and auto loans. Must have copy of the Truth in Lending Disclosure for auto loans, must have actual copy of recorded note and mortgage.
  • Retirement Documentation
    • Need documentation for any 401k, 403 B, IRA, IMRF, etc. Please be sure the documentation includes any loan balances on the account, amount of loan payments and dates loans are due to be paid off.
  • Life Insurance
    • Need documentation of any life insurance policy. Must show the cash surrender value of the policy and the beneficiaries of the policy.
  • Real Estate Tax Bill
    • Needed for any real estate or mobile home to which your name is on the deed. Must show "Fair cash value" or "assessed value" of the property.
  • Lawsuits and Summons
    • Please provide a copy of any lawsuits or court summons that you have received.
  • Title Search on any Real Estate
    • Our office STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that you run a title search at your county courthouse on any real estate you own to search for judgement liens. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to properly treat these liens and they will still be attached to your property even after you receive a bankruptcy discharge. If there are any liens, please provide our office with copies of any memorandums of judgement.